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What Is Dental Hygiene and Why Is It Important?

Dental hygiene is the state of health of your teeth, mouth, and gums. Your dental hygiene can affect your overall health, so it’s important to maintain it in good condition.

Dental Services For Children

Is Children’s Dental Care Expensive?

Your child’s dental health is vital to their overall growth and development, so an investment in their dental health is an investment in their good health for a lifetime.

Dental Exams

Are Dental Exams Painful?

You may experience some discomfort during your dental exam, but your dentist will strive to ensure that you’re comfortable.

What Will I Pay for Dental Exams?

The cost of your dental exam will depend on the state of your dental hygiene and your insurance coverage. Typically, the cost of an exam includes X-rays, although some dental issues may require additional X-rays.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease

What’s Involved in Gingivitis Gum Treatment?

During a gingivitis gum disease treatment, you’ll receive a deep cleaning which will remove debris and plaque that has accumulated around the base of your teeth. Your dentist will endeavor to make you comfortable during the treatment. If you have more questions, please call our office in .

Gingivitis Gum Treatments: Are They Expensive?

The cost of your gingivitis treatment will depend on the severity of your gingivitis and your insurance coverage. You’ll be provided with a cost estimate prior to our performing your treatment.

Mouth Guards – Sports

Are Custom Sports Mouth Guards Effective?

A custom-fitted sports mouth guard is the best defense against serious injury to the teeth and jaw during contact sports. It will conform precisely to the configuration of your mouth for the best protection possible.

What’s the Price for a Sports Mouth Guard?

The price for your sports mouth guard will depend on the amount of material needed and the type of material used. A sports mouth guard, however, is a much better alternative to dental reconstructive surgery.

Night Guards

How Do Night Mouth Guards Work?

Night guards are useful for those who clench their jaws at night or who grind their teeth.

What Will I Pay for a Custom Night Guard?

The price of a custom made night guard will depend on the type and amount of material required for fabrication, and your insurance coverage. Many insurance companies will pay for night guards if they are deemed medically necessary.

Why Purchase a Bruxism Guard?

A bruxism guard is to protect the teeth for those who grind their teeth at night.

Nitrous Oxide

What’s the Purpose of Dental Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide, frequently called laughing gas, is used as a dental sedative. It takes effect quickly, dissipates quickly with little to no after effects, and is very effective. Call our office in for more information or to see If you are a candidate for nitrous oxide.

How Much Does Dental Nitrous Oxide Cost?

The cost of nitrous oxide will depend on the amount used and your insurance coverage. It’s usually billed at an hourly rate or by the procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

Who Offers Oral Cancer Screening?

Our office in offers oral cancer screening tests as part of the exam.

What Do Oral Cancer Screening Tests Cost?

The cost of your oral cancer screening test will be included in your exam and will depend on your insurance coverage. If the dentist finds oral cancer, you’ll be provided with a schedule of recommended treatment and a cost estimate.


What Are Tooth Sealants?

Tooth sealants are applied to teeth that are prone to decay and cavities. They protect the teeth from the onset of deterioration.

How Much Do Tooth Sealants Cost?

The cost of tooth sealants will depend on the degree of dental hygiene of your mouth, the number of teeth to be sealed, and your insurance coverage. Call our office in for more information or to schedule an appointment/

Sedation Dentistry

Are You Asleep During Sedation Dentistry?

Although frequently referred to as sleep dentistry, the patient isn’t asleep, merely in a state of deep relaxation. This provides a better experience for the patient.

What Will I Pay for Sedation Dentistry?

The cost of sedation dentistry will depend on the type and amount of sedative that’s used, as well as your insurance coverage.

Is Oral Sedation Safe?

Oral sedation is usually considered safe for most patients. If you have health issues or take medications, both prescription and over the counter, be sure to inform your dentist ahead of time.

Dental X-rays

Are Dental X-rays Considered Safe?

Dental X-rays are an essential part of the dental exam because the dentist needs more information than can be obtained from a visual inspection. You’ll be covered with a lead apron, so you will be protected. Only essential X-rays will be taken. Call us in if you have concerns or questions.

What Will I Pay to Get a Set of Dental X-rays?

The price of X-rays is included in the price of your exam, although if you have dental issues, you may need additional X-rays. Your insurance coverage will affect the cost of your X-rays. Call our office in if you have more questions or need to schedule an exam.

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