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Dentists used to have to remove teeth with damaged nerves. Now, however, they can save diseased teeth with root canal therapy. Schedule an appointment at our dental practice in if you have oral pain or believe that the nerves in your tooth are severely damaged. Our dentists can use a root canal treatment to restore your natural smile.

Root Canal Procedure

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You can get the help that you need for severely damaged teeth at our dental office. If you’re a good candidate, our staff can guide you through the root canal treatment process and answer all of your questions about it. Your teeth will function better and be healthier after the therapy.

What’s the Process for a Root Canal?

You shouldn’t feel scared after our dentists recommend that you get a root canal to save a decayed tooth. Millions of people go to dentists for root canals every year to eliminate pain and restore their oral health.

Inside each of your teeth is a soft tissue called pulp. It’s underneath the dentin and white enamel. The pulp contains connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves that promote root growth as teeth develop. When the development is complete, teeth don’t need the pulp to survive because surrounding tissues support them.

It’s necessary to undergo a root canal procedure if one of your teeth develops inflammation or an infection. These problems can be the result of structural tooth damage, deep decay or a faulty crown. If you don’t get treatment, your tooth may develop an abscess and significant pain.

The root canal treatment process involves the dentist removing the infected or inflamed pulp and carefully cleaning and disinfecting the remaining space. Then, that space is filled with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material. A natural-looking crown is added to cover the tooth, and it allows you to speak and chew normally. During this restoration process, we’ll use a local anesthetic to make sure that you stay comfortable.

Does a Dentist or Oral Surgeon Perform the Procedure?

You could wonder if you need a root canal dentist or a specialist when we suggest the treatment. In simple cases, a general dentist can perform the root canal. When the case is complex, then your dentist could refer you to an endodontist. Our dental specialists work with teeth that have multiple canals or complex canal systems such as in molars.

After one of our dentists in asses your teeth, they can determine if a root canal is possible at our office. We’ll also give you a treatment plan outline and an estimate for the costs. Don’t hesitate to get help for dental pain. Call our practice today to set up an appointment.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Our team understands that your root canal price might put you off of getting treatment. However, ignoring the problem could lead to the loss of your tooth. The worst part is that an infection can spread to other areas of your neck or face. It is important to remember that a root canal is often necessary to get rid of relentless dental pain.

In the end, your total root canal cost will depend on how severe your case is and which tooth needs treatment. The overall price usually includes the procedure itself and the dental crown. In addition, most dental insurance plans cover at least part of root canal treatment because the procedure is medically necessary. However, you should talk to your insurance provider about how much your policy will contribute.

At our dental office in , we do our best to offer affordable root canal solutions. We do what we can to help you get the maximum benefit out of your dental insurance. We also work with you to find payment options that meet your needs if you don’t have a dental policy. For example, you might qualify for our dental payment plan, which lets you repay the balance in installments.

If you have an infection or extensive tooth decay, don’t throw in the towel. Call our dentists in for more information about root canal treatment. Schedule an appointment to take the first step toward restoring your smile and dental health.

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