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  • What a great experience! Just moved to the area and was assigned this dentist for my 8yr old through our insurance. Thought we were just going in to have a routine check up but after some X-rays, Dr. Aguirre noticed some cavities. Not only did he notice them and address them but he was able to fit my daughter in at that very same time to fill them! He and his team were absolutely amazing!!! My daughter was a little freaked out and they put her mind and mine at complete ease. While he was working on her teeth, he put on The Greatest Showman soundtrack. She was moving her hips and waving her arms with joy while he was drilling and filling!!! I’m so grateful to have been appointed this dentist. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Thank you so much to the office and team of Dr. Aguirre!
    Natalie N. | Yelp
  • Easily the best dentist I’ve ever had (and my last dentist was a good friend). Dental work is never pleasant, but I felt at ease during my entire visit with Dr Aguirre. Nice staff, great service…but the most important thing…the actual dental work…was amazing. Two crowns and a filling and no pain or discomfort; perfect bite b/c Doc took a few extra minute to make adjustments. Ideal offers Saturday appointments and saw me at 8am on Friday on both of my visits to accommodate my work schedule. Plus, he called the day after to make sure I was feeling ok. Highly recommend!!
    Brian R. | Yelp
  • I called to schedule a regular cleaning and they fit me in that same afternoon. They were helpful in dealing with my insurance company on the phone instead of me suffering through that. The dentist was very transparent in describing what was going on with my teeth and what my options were. All the staff was very friendly. I’m glad I switched to this office.
    Ryan A. | Yelp
  • I fear the dentist. Loathe going. But I needed to go and after my partner had a great experience there, he recommended I go. I am so glad I did. I saw Dr. Aguirre on a Saturday (which was perfect for my schedule). He was so patient, kind and understanding of my anxiety and talked to me through every step of the way. He told me about himself and answered every question I had. The staff remembered my partner and seemed genuinely interested in who we were. I also got fitted for Invisalign – I want to give props to Nora who even went as far as to show me the teeth in her own head so I could better understand everything! She was incredibly professional, personable and kind as well. I wish I could remember the name of my dental assistant – she was hilarious. She kept me level and plenty distracted the whole time. I couldn’t believe I was there for four hours, it flew by! Thank you all so much. I’m actually looking forward to seeing you all again.
    Ari M. | Yelp
  • The wating area is clean, little wait time, organized and friendly staff. The dentist is also very nice and didn’t push any extra things.
    Nikki P. | Yelp
  • Dr. Aguirre and his staff are wonderful! I had to have my first root canal and I was terrified because of the horror stories that you hear. Dr. Aguirre was very gentle and talked me through the whole process. Zhona, who prepared my temp, was friendly and did a great job. The hygienist I had today, I am sorry I did not catch her name, was very sweet and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my appointment.
    Tiffany M. | Yelp
  • As a child I didn’t have the most amazing experience with dentists, so it took me all the way until my adulthood to actually schedule a visit to see the dentist. I never thought I would enjoy coming to the dentist as much as I do now!!! But I absolutely LOVE this place! As soon as you walk into this place it feels like home. From the decor, to the SUPER FRIENDLY staff, everything is perfect and everyone is so friendly and conversational. You honestly feel like you’re at a great gathering with good friends. Dr. Aguirre is one of the best, most down to earth and coolest dentist I’ve ever met. He’s not only genuinely concerned about the health of your teeth but your personal well being as well. One last thing… I absolutely love his dental assistant Zhona, she’s the highlight of my day. Her personality just lights up a room and she’s so warm hearted. This place is just my favorite if you can’t tell from this post. Please come visit this wonderful team/ place, I PROMISE YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!
    Tabitha M. | Yelp
  • Zhona was really kind and funny. She did an amazing job cleaning me and my sons teeth and whitening my teeth. Great job Zhona!!!!
    Dajuan J. | Yelp
  • My husband & I came in today and can’t say enough good things. From the front desk, to the dental assistant, to the dental hygienist to Dr. Aguirre, everyone was so nice and the office made us feel at home ame comfortable. This is definitely our new dentist office! Thank you so much for taking such good care of us.
    Sarah D. | Yelp
  • Dr. Aguirre and the staff here are both wonderful. I wouldn’t typically think of a visit to the dentist as relaxing and/or pleasant, but that’s truly what it was! Everyone was very attentive and friendly, and any questions I had about my treatment were answered.
    Leslie A. | Yelp

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