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Dental Hygiene

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How Does Poor Dental Hygiene Impact My Oral Health?

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene, you cannot expect to have good oral health. You will spend more time at the dentist’s office fixing problems than someone who practices good oral hygiene.

Dental Services for Children

Are Children’s Dental Service Worth the Cost?

The earlier your child begins having regular dental exams, the better oral health they will enjoy throughout their lifetime. Call our office to schedule an exam for your child with our dentist who is experienced at putting children at ease.

Dental Exams

How Often Do I Need a Dental Exam?

Your dentist will set up a dental exam schedule based on your age and oral health. If you are a healthy adult with no dental issues, you will come in every six to 12 months.

What Do Dental Exams Cost?

Your fee is based on your oral health. If you have dental insurance, exams are generally covered in full.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

What Is Gingivitis Treatment?

Our dentist may recommend either a dental teeth cleaning or a deep cleaning, depending on the severity of your gingivitis.

What’s the Price for Gingivitis Treatment?

Your overall price for gingivitis treatment depends on the treatment your dentist recommends.

Mouth Guards - Sports

Why Should I Have a Dentist Fit My Sports Mouth Guard?

When you get a mouth guard for sports from a dentist, it fits properly. Even though our dentist sends an impression to the dental lab for a custom fit, he or she checks it when you try it on for the first time. Our dentist will check for gaps and ensure it protects your gums as well as your teeth and jaw.

Do Custom Mouth Guards Cost More Than the Ones Online?

Yes, a custom mouth guard for sports does cost more, however, you get what you pay for.

Night Guards

What Are the Benefits of Having a Custom-Made Night Guard?

Night mouth guards from a dentist protect your teeth from damage more comfortably than a generic appliance. Night guards that are custom-made for you are fashioned from quality materials that will cushion your teeth longer than a generic night guard will, making them a better investment.

What Will a Custom Night Guard Cost?

Our dentist can tell you your anticipated cost after examining your teeth to determine what you will need to protect them.

Is a Bruxism Guard the Same as a Night Guard?

Yes, bruxism is the medical name for grinding your teeth. The two night guards are the same.

Nitrous Oxide

Why Is Nitrous Oxide Popular?

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is popular among patients because it is affordable, safe, and relieves dental anxiety quickly, often in 20 seconds.

What Does Nitrous Oxide Typically Cost?

Ask our dentist if he or she charges by the procedure or by the hour. Either way, nitrous oxide is affordable and many patients feel it is worth the cost.

Oral Cancer Screening

Where Can I Go to Have an Oral Cancer Screening?

You can have an oral cancer screening at our dental office during your regular checkup. It’s easy, fast and it could save your life.

What Does an Oral Cancer Screening Cost?

The screening is generally part of your checkup, but there is a fee if any follow up is needed.


Are There Any Risks to My Child from Dental Sealants?

Dental Sealants are a safe, conservative treatment that dentists have used for decades. Kids tolerate dental sealants very well, much better than they tolerate having a cavity filled. Sealants are also available for adults when they are prone to cavities.

What Will Dental Sealants Cost Me?

Usually you’ll pay for dental sealants by the number of teeth sealed. While dental insurance usually pays for sealants, be sure to contact your provider before agreeing to treatment as some plans only cover sealants for certain teeth.


What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry incorporates a sedation method to relieve the patient of dental anxiety or nervousness. There are many different kinds of sedation treatment available to help patients relax.

What Is the Fee for Sedation Dentistry?

The sedation dentistry fee depends on the type of sedation used.

How Safe Is Oral Sedation Dentistry?

Oral sedation dentistry is very safe. Our qualified sedation dentist oversees your sedation throughout your procedure.

Dental X-rays

What Are the Most Common Type of X-rays?

Bitewing X-rays, which a dentist uses to look for cavities, are the most common type of X-ray. Our dentist may take two to four bitewing X-rays during an exam.

Do X-rays Add to the Cost of My Exam?

Often, it depends on the type of X-ray taken. Fortunately, dental insurance plans usually cover the cost of dental X-rays.

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