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Bone Grafting

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Is My Own Bone Used for Dental Bone Grafting?

If you are having a bone graft procedure to fortify your jawbone for a dental implant, you can have your own bone, taken from your hip or shin, used in the surgery. Today, many patients choose synthetic bone material because it is more affordable and they don’t need an additional surgery to harvest their bone.

What Does Dental Bone Augmentation Cost?

You bone graft price depends on how many dental implants you are getting and whether additional bone is needed at every site. Your choice of bone material also affects your cost. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our dentist, who can offer you an estimate of your total cost.

What Is the Reason for Getting a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift allows your oral surgeon to graft bone under your sinuses if you are planning to get dental implants in your upper jaw. When you lose a tooth and wait too long before replacing it with an implant, you lose bone structure. The bone graft will add the bone needed to hold an implant and the sinus lift creates room for the bone.

Sedation Dentistry

Are There Different Levels of Dental Sedation?

There are different levels of consciousness that you can expect from different kinds of sedation, from mild to deep sedation. Your dentist will help you decide on which is best in your situation. If you’ve been searching for a local sedation dentist, call our office and schedule your appointment.

How Much Is Sedation at a Dentist’s Office?

The price of sedation depends on the kind of sedation used. You may be charged by the hour, unless you decide on oral sedation. Unfortunately, many dental insurance providers do not cover dental sedation.

Tooth Extractions

Is it Better to Have an Oral Surgeon Extract a Tooth?

A dentist can extract any tooth that he or she can get a hold of with forceps. Dentists refer patients to oral surgeons when the tooth is impacted, broken at the gum line, or the tooth is so decayed that it will shatter when its pulled out. If you’ve been searching for a skilled oral surgeon in Denton, call our office to make your initial appointment.

What Do Surgical Tooth Extractions Usually Cost?

Our fees for surgical tooth extractions depend on where the tooth is located in your mouth, whether you choose to have sedation, and how complex the extraction will be.

Do Wisdom Teeth Extractions Usually Include All Four Teeth?

Yes, individuals usually have all four wisdom teeth extracted at the same time. It saves money, the healing time is the same and if you have sedation, you won’t notice the extra time you’ve spent in the chair.

Oral Pathology

How Can Oral Pathology Benefit Me?

Oral pathology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that cause detrimental changes in your mouth. If you suspect oral cancer, you want it diagnosed as quickly as possible, since treatment is the most effective in the early stages of the disease.

What Happens If I Do Have Oral Cancer?

Our oral surgeon will sit down and discuss the diagnosis with you. There may be other tests that he or she may want to do before developing a treatment plan for you.

Is Our Cancer Treatment Expensive?

We understand that cost is a concern for individuals diagnosed with oral cancer. Your cost will depend on the treatments you select, who does the treatment, whether you’ll take any medications, and other factors. Your health insurance may cover a portion of your costs.

IV Sedation

Is IV Sedation Safe?

Oral surgeons have training in IV sedation safety; you’ll receive the correct dose based on the level of consciousness desired. Our oral surgeon will go over your medical history and review any possible drug interactions to ensure that there are no issues before administering the sedation. Call our office to make and appointment if you need IV sedation in Denton.

What’s the Price of IV Sedation?

Your price for IV sedation depends on whether you are a participant in a dental discount plan and the length of your procedure.

Oral Surgeon

Do Oral Surgeons Perform Implant Surgery?

Yes, you can choose to have an oral surgeon place your dental implants after any necessary preliminary work, such as bone grafting, is completed. Oral surgeons also perform a number of other surgical procedures, such as wisdom teeth extractions. If you need to find a local oral surgeon with expertise in placing implants, call our office to schedule your appointment. New patients are always welcome.

What Do Oral Surgeons Usually Charge?

Your cost for an oral surgery will depend on the type of surgery performed and your dental insurance.

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