Root Canals in University Park

Today’s root canal therapy can save teeth that are severely diseased or damaged from deep decay or structural issues. If you’re experiencing tooth or gum pain, give us a call. Our dentists can help preserve your natural teeth and restore your smile. Their expertise in endodontics and root canal treatments ensures you can achieve the right solution for your needs.

Root Canal Procedure

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Even teeth that are severely damaged may be good candidates for root canal treatment. If your dentist recommends root canal therapy for you, we’ll thoroughly explain your treatment and answer all of your questions. And once the procedure is complete, you can enjoy a healthier, more functional smile.

What’s a Root Canal Procedure?

Most root canal procedures are very straightforward, and their benefits are many. Each year, millions of teeth are saved by root canal procedures, and patients enjoy more functional, pain-free teeth.

A root canal treatment is designed to remove infection and inflammation from the tooth by removing the tooth’s pulp. Pulp is located deep in the tooth, inside its pulp chamber and roots. That pulp is a soft tissue, rich in nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels that aid in the root’s growth during development. Once a tooth has emerged through the gums, the pulp and nerves are not vital to the tooth’s health and support.

When an infection sets into the tooth pulp, you may experience pain. If left untreated, the infection can also lead to a serious abscess. This inflammation and infection can be caused by decay that has reached the pulp chamber. It can also be a result of structural damage to the tooth like a crack, chip or a failed filling or crown.

During a root canal, your dentist will give you an anesthetic, this will help to ensure you can feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Your dentist then removes the inflamed pulp and nerve tissue, carefully cleaning inside the tooth and shaping the inner space so it can be filled and sealed with a biocompatible material called gutta percha. The tooth is then restored with a crown that looks like a natural tooth and restores your ability to eat normally.

Root Canal Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

If you’re experiencing oral pain, call our office today for an appointment. Getting the right kind of treatment for your pain and finding the right type of dentist begins here. Our dentist will evaluate your teeth and determine whether your procedure can be performed in our office. Your regular dentist can often perform basic root canals, and some oral surgeons may also be qualified. More complicated root canals, such as those involving molars and complex canal systems, are best performed by specialists called endodontists.

What Does a Root Canal Treatment Cost?

If you’re wondering what a root canal costs, our dental team is here to help. Most root canal prices are based on the complexity of your case and which tooth is affected. Some teeth, like molars, have more root canals than others, so molars generally cost a little more. Your total cost will include both the cost of the treatment itself as well as your dental crown. Most insurance plans cover root canal treatment to some degree, although exact coverage varies from plan to plan.

Rest assured that we’ll work diligently with your insurance provider so you receive the most coverage possible for both the procedure and your crown. We can also help you find affordable solutions if you don’t have dental insurance. Our dental payment plans, for instance, allow you to spread out your cost over multiple installments.

If you need a root canal, don’t delay your treatment because of a fear about costs. Failing to treat an infected tooth can lead to tooth loss, risky abscesses and continued pain. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your root canal treatment options.

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