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The old days of relying on tooth extractions to resolve tooth nerve damage are mostly gone, thanks to modern root canal therapy. Root canals can save your natural teeth and restore your smile. If you are concerned that you may have diseased or damaged teeth, call our office today. Our dentists are skilled at performing root canal treatments, and they delight in restoring your smile and preserving your natural teeth.

Root Canal Procedure

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Root canal therapy is often a good option even for those whose teeth are extremely decayed. Our dentists will review your treatment options with you, and if you’re a good candidate for a root canal procedure, we’ll describe the process and answer all of your questions. In most cases, a root canal is a straightforward procedure that gives you a healthier smile.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

There’s no need to dread a root canal procedure. Millions of the procedures are performed each year, helping patients recover their oral health and relieving the pain of deeply infected teeth. Anesthesia is used throughout the procedure so you can remain comfortable while your dentist restores your tooth’s health and function.

A root canal is a procedure to remove the infected or inflamed nerves deep inside a tooth. The nerve-rich pulp lies below the tooth’s dentin and enamel layers. While the pulp helps a tooth’s roots to grow during development, once the tooth is fully formed, it doesn’t need the pulp or nerves for support.

Painful inflammation or infection can affect the tooth’s pulp when decay or infection travels through the tooth’s enamel and dentin. This can be caused by decay that isn’t treated, faulty crowns, cracks in the tooth and other structural tooth damage. These infections can be painful, and they can lead to dental abscesses if they are left untreated.

During root canal therapy, your dentist will carefully remove the infected pulp and clean and disinfect the pulp chamber and root canals. Your dentist then fills the space with a biocompatible material such as gutta percha, and the tooth is restored with a crown. The crown will be made to fit your specific bite, and it will look and function like your natural tooth.

Is a Root Canal Dentist or Specialist Required?

Often, simple root canals may be carried out by a general dentist. Endodontists, dentists that specialize in root canals, may be called upon to handle more complex cases. These complex cases include molars, which have multiple root canals, and teeth that have elaborate or unusual root systems. If you’re experiencing oral pain, don’t delay treatment. Call our office to schedule an appointment. During your visit, our dentist will develop a treatment plan for you and determine whether your care is best performed at our practice or with a specialist.

How Much Is a Root Canal?

You may be wondering and worrying about the cost of a root canal, but don’t let those fears keep you from getting the treatment you need. Delaying a root canal can lead to several problems, including tooth loss and harmful tooth abscesses. Infected teeth can be very painful, and root canals are an important part of relieving that intense pain.

Overall, the cost of a root canal depends on the severity of your condition and which tooth is involved. Molars have more root canals than other teeth, so the root canals performed on molars often cost a bit more. Root canal treatment costs often include the price of the procedure itself and the crown applied at the end of the procedure.

Our dentists are committed to helping you receive affordable treatment. Root canals are considered medically necessary procedures, so most dental insurance plans provide some coverage for the treatment. Check with your insurance provider to explore your benefits, but know that we’ll work hand-in-hand with your insurance provider to maximize your coverage.

If you don’t have insurance, we may be able to help you find other budget-saving solutions. For instance, you can repay your root canal treatment costs over several installments with our dental payment plans. We also participate in various dental savings plans.

It’s easy to get started back on the path to preserving your smile and relieving your dental pain. Simply call us today to schedule an appointment.

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