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Bone Grafting

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What Happens During Bone Grafting?

During dental bone grafting, your oral surgeon augments your existing jawbone with bone grafting material or your own bone from another part of your body. It may take a few months for the new and existing bone to meld together enough to support a dental implant.

What Are the Costs of Bone Grafting?

Your insurance coverage, the type of bone graft you receive and the follow-up treatment needed will determine your overall dental bone graft costs. It’s generally a bit more expensive to harvest your own bone for the graft than to use synthetic bone substitute. As a result, many of our patients choose synthetic bone material for their grafts.

What Happens During a Sinus Lift?

Your sinuses are located just above your upper jawbone. If your jawbone needs to be built-up with a bone graft in order to support a dental implant, your sinuses may need to be “lifted” to accommodate the new bone. Anesthesia helps keep you comfortable while the sinus lift for your dental implant is performed.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Available?

Yes, in some circumstances, our oral surgeons may use IV sedation dentistry for oral surgeries. Our dentists in Uptown Dallas also employ a number of other tools to keep our patients pain-free during treatment, including local anesthesia and nitrous oxide.

What Will Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The type of treatment used during your procedure will determine your sedation dentistry cost. Intravenous sedation usually costs a bit more than local anesthesia, oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Your total cost may be reduced by any insurance coverage you have, so check your policy for details.

Tooth Extractions

What Happens During A Dental Extraction Procedure?

If a tooth that hasn’t fully emerged from the gums becomes infected or impacted, your dentist may recommend that you see an oral surgeon for a dental extraction procedure. During the surgery, the oral surgeon makes a minor incision in your gum so that the tooth can be removed. The patient will receive sedation treatment for comfort during the procedure.

What’s the Average Tooth Extraction Cost?

Prices for an average tooth extraction are based on a few cost factors, such as the location of your tooth that needs extraction and whether you’ll need care after the procedure. Some insurance plans cover part of the procedure, so that can reduce your overall cost. Call us to schedule an oral surgery consultation and we can provide you with a treatment plan and cost estimate at that time.

What Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Involve?

After you’ve consulted with our oral surgeon and your treatment plan is finalized, you’ll return to our office for the procedure. You’ll be given an anesthetic to ensure that the procedure is painless, then the surgeon will make small incisions in your gum to remove the impacted or infected tooth beneath the gum line. After the extraction, you’ll receive information about aftercare and pain relief options.

Oral Pathology

What’s Oral Pathology?

Any oral disease that affects your mouth, jaw and associated structures like your salivary glands is part of oral pathology. These diseases have warning signs, and you should contact your oral pathologist if you notice discoloration, sores or lumps in your mouth.

Is Oral Cancer Detection Routine?

Your dentist will perform a thorough oral cancer screening during your annual dental exam. Your dentist will be looking for signs of cancer such as lesions, discoloration, lumps and sores. This early oral cancer detection is key to diagnosing and treating the pathology.

What Oral Cancer Treatments Are Available?

The best treatment for oral cancer depends on the type of cancer identified and the individual patient’s health needs. This highly individualized approach to treatment means that no two treatments are exactly alike. Some patients will need surgery, others may have radiation or chemotherapy or a combination of the three.

IV Sedation

What Happens During IV Sedation?

During IV sedation, you’ll see a dentist that puts you to sleep during your dental procedure. It’s ideal for patients who become very anxious during dental procedures, and it’s also used during complex dental procedures.

How Much Does IV Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The length of your treatment and the expertise of your dentist are two factors determining your dental sedation costs. We’ll give you a cost estimate prior to treatment.

Oral Surgeon

What’s an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dentist with specialized education and training in dental and oral surgery. An oral surgeon performs a wide variety of procedures for wisdom teeth, impacted canine teeth, cleft palate issues, oral cancer and dental implants.

How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost?

The cost of an oral surgeon is determined by the extent of your recommended treatment and your insurance coverage. If you have questions about oral surgery costs, contact our office.

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