Cosmetic Dentistry & Teeth Whitening in Valley Ranch

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do you feel overwhelmed by your dental problems? What you need is for a dentist to devise a reconstruction treatment plan for you. Then, you won’t feel overwhelmed anymore, knowing that there is a way to fix all of the problems.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment Plan?

To determine the dental restoration procedures he or she would need to perform, our dentist will examine your teeth and gums. A dental professional will examine your bite and your jaw as well, to come up with a treatment plan to take care of all of the issues. The plan will restore your oral health and functionality, stop any dental pain and leave you with an attractive smile and renewed self-confidence. If this sounds appealing, contact our office for a full mouth reconstruction consultation.

How Much Is it for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

We cannot tell you what your full mouth reconstruction price is until you and your dentist agree on a treatment plan. The restorations and replacements you select for your teeth have a major impact on the price, as do the number of appointments that your treatment plan requires. Our dentist can provide you with an estimated cost during your consultation. We may be able to help with financing options to spread the cost out over several months.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment

Does whiter teeth in one afternoon sound appealing? If so, you may be a candidate for professional teeth whitening.

How Does Chairside Teeth Whitening Work?

Dentist-supervised tooth whitening uses a concentrated bleaching solution that is much stronger than any DIY product that you could buy at a drugstore. It is safe because your gums are protected from the strong whitening solution. Our dentist determines how long the solution remains on your teeth (about an hour on average) and whether you will need to follow up with an at-home professional teeth whitening kit.

What Are the Usual Teeth Whitening Prices?

We ask that you come in for a consultation before our dentist quotes you an in-office teeth whitening price. If you have severe staining, you may need two treatments or you may need an at-home whitening kit to supplement your in-office whitening. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

What Is a Professional Teeth Whitening System for Home Use?

As an alternative to in-office whitening, we offer an at-home kit featuring a custom-fitted whitening tray. The custom tray is essential since the kit will contain a strong bleaching gel that you do not want to get on your gums. While the kit may take up to two weeks to whiten your teeth, some people prefer it to have treatment completed at the dentist’s office.

Dental Veneers

Are you tired of hiding your smile? Keep reading to learn how you can cover teeth that have imperfections so you can flash your smile once again.

Where Can I Find Dental Veneers Near Me?

Your search is over. At Ideal Dental of Valley Ranch, we offer composite and porcelain dental veneers that can improve the appearance, and sometimes the function, of your teeth. Call us to arrange a consultation and we will explain what veneers can do for you.

What Does it Cost for Cosmetic Veneers?

Your cost is contingent upon whether you select composite or porcelain veneers and how many veneers you need to meet your smile expectations. During your consultation, your dentist will discuss your cost for cosmetic veneers. If you are looking for a complete smile makeover, we have financing options that may help you afford your dream smile.

How Do Porcelain Veneers Attach to Teeth?

Our dentist will have to shave off a very thin layer on your tooth’s enamel so the veneer does not stand out. Additionally, this makes it easier to cement the veneer to the tooth. Since a dental lab fabricates porcelain veneers, you will have to return to have the veneer bonded to your tooth after your initial appointment. Our dentist will explain each step to you before starting the procedure.

What Is the Average Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers Cost?

Your porcelain veneer cost will depend on the number of veneers that you would like to have. Your cost also depends on what type on problem you are trying to hide. During your consultation, our dentist will discuss the cost with you. Since dental insurance rarely covers veneers, we offer financing options to make the cost easier to handle. Call our office today if you are interested in discovering if you can afford porcelain veneers.

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