Root Canals in Valley Ranch

You may need endodontic therapy or a root canal treatment if you have an untreated tooth that is severely decayed or cracked. Once the decay or crack reaches the pulp or the interior of your tooth, you may end up with a painful tooth infection that needs root canal therapy. Our dentists are experienced at saving teeth by removing the pulp, which relieves your pain and eliminates the infection. Adults don’t need the pulp in their teeth, the pulp is only necessary while the tooth is developing. If you believe that you need a root canal, call our office to arrange to see one of our dentists.

The Root Canal Procedure

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In many cases, our patients experience little or no discomfort during a root canal. The old expression, “I would rather have a root canal,” when talking about something distasteful started many years ago. Today, our dentists have access to effective anesthetics and modern tools that make painful root canals a thing of the past.

How Is a Root Canal Done?

Root canals may require two visits, but most can be completed in one. During the first visit, our dentist performs the procedure; the subsequent visit, if needed, is for the final restoration. After an exam and verification that a root canal is the best course of action, our dentist will:

  • Administer a local anesthetic and wait until it takes effect
  • Place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep saliva from getting into the canals
  • Drill a small hole in the crown of the tooth so he or she can access the soft tissue in the canals
  • Use small instruments to remove the damaged pulp
  • Wash the canals and sterilize them
  • Fill the empty canals with gutta percha, a biocompatible material
  • Use a temporary filling to keep the area clean while it heals

Recovering from a root canal is less uncomfortable than recovering from an extraction. For one or two days, you may feel minor discomfort, which an OTC should relieve.

When you have your next appointment, you will receive a crown to protect the tooth. A porcelain crown is a life-like artificial tooth that fits over your natural tooth. Avoid biting down on any hard foods until you have your crown. With proper care and regular checkups, your restored tooth could last for at least a decade, or conceivably, for the rest of your life.

Should a Root Canal Dentist or an Endodontist Carry Out My Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is not mandatory if you have a painful toothache; it is only necessary when your X-rays show damaged pulp. If you believe that you need a root canal, you want to look for a dental practice that specializes in root canal treatments. We perform simple root canals, referring complex cases to an endodontist to ensure the best treatment. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our root canal dentists. Your dentist will let you know if we can carry out the root canal here after an examination.

What’s the Cost for a Root Canal?

Root canal costs at our office vary, based on your tooth’s condition and where it is located in your mouth. The location is important because front teeth usually only have one canal, while back teeth will have two or more canals. The more canals the tooth has, the more time-consuming the treatment is to complete for our dentist and the more complex. Our root canal dentist would have to carry out an exam before providing you with an estimated cost. If you have dental insurance coverage, it may pay a portion of the cost, since a root canal is necessary to restore your oral health.

We offer financing because putting off a root canal procedure may lead to the loss of your tooth, which is costlier to replace than repair. We also hope to avoid patients choosing a lower cost extraction; missing teeth are costly to replace.

An untreated tooth infection will worsen, so do not avoid getting the treatment that you need. If you procrastinate, you may end up needing an emergency extraction to keep the infection from spreading. Teeth that need root canal treatment never get better by themselves. Make an appointment today with an experienced root canal dentist in Valley Ranch.

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