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Bone Grafting

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How Painful Is Bone Grafting?

Although some patients may feel minor discomfort when receiving a bone graft, anesthetic is administered during the procedure and patients are provided with pain medication afterward. We strive to ensure the comfort of our patients both during and after their procedures, so call us in Valley Ranch if you have any questions.

What’s the Typical Price for a Bone Graft?

The cost of a bone graft will depend on the type of bone used, the location of the graft, your insurance coverage, and the number of implants needed. Call our office in Valley Ranch for a consultation and your dentist will provide you with an estimate of the cost.

Is A Sinus Lift Necessary for My Situation?

Getting a sinus lift is not for every patient and will depend on the particulars of your situation. A sinus lift is a complicated procedure and your cost will depend on your individual needs, your insurance coverage, and the type of anesthetic. Call our office in Valley Ranch to schedule a consultation and your dentist will provide you with a cost estimate.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for My Situation?

The objective of sedation dentistry is to alleviate pain. You’ll be sedated before your treatment so you shouldn’t experience pain. Sedation dentistry also comes in various methods, so you’ll be able to choose a way that works best for you.

How Much Will Sedation Dentistry Cost Me?

The cost of sedation dentistry will be affected by the type of treatment you’re receiving. Some types of sedation dentistry, such as IV sedation, are more costly than other types, and the amount of your insurance coverage is another determining factor.

Tooth Extractions

What Is Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Tooth extraction surgery is more complicated than a routine tooth extraction. Extraction surgery is required when a tooth has not fully developed or when it hasn’t erupted through the gum. You’ll be sedated during the procedure and we’ll do our utmost to make you comfortable. Call our office in Valley Ranch to schedule an appointment.

What Do Surgical and Normal Tooth Extractions Cost?

The cost of a tooth extraction will depend on the complexity of the tooth, its location, and the degree of damage to the tooth and surrounding area. Your insurance coverage will also be a factor in the cost. We’ll provide you with a cost breakdown during your appointment at our office in Valley Ranch.

Is It Painful to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

If you’re having your wisdom teeth removed, you’ll be given anesthetic beforehand and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable during the procedure. To ensure your lasting comfort after the procedure, you’ll be given aftercare instructions and pain medication to take as needed.

Oral Pathology

What Does Oral Pathology Mean?

Oral pathology is the study of the mouth and jaw and the diseases that can occur therein.

Is an Oral Cancer Diagnosis Always Accurate?

As with any medical diagnosis, there can be mitigating circumstances that make a second opinion prudent. If you’ve been diagnosed with oral cancer and want a second opinion, call our office in Valley Ranch for a consultation, but it should be done quickly.

What Kinds of Oral Cancer Treatments Are There?

No two cancer treatments are the same and the treatment will be determined by the type of oral cancer you have. Chemotherapy and surgery are two common types of oral cancer treatments, but call our office in Valley Ranch for more information or to make an appointment.

IV Sedation

What Does IV Sedation Mean?

IV sedation refers to the administration of anesthesia through an intravenous drip rather than topically or orally.

What’s the Cost for Receiving IV Sedation?

The cost of IV sedation will be determined by your insurance coverage, the type and duration of the procedure you’re having, and the skill of the dentist. If you think this might be necessary for your procedure, get in touch with our dental professionals for more information.

Oral Surgeon

What Services Does an Oral Surgeon Provide?

An oral surgeon can perform root canals that are beyond the scope of general dentistry. He or she can also help you with breathing and sleeping problems that you may be having, and they can help with an oral cancer diagnosis. If you need an oral surgeon, call our office in Valley Ranch for a consultation.

Are Services Performed by Oral Surgeons Expensive?

The cost of your oral surgery will be determined by the type of surgery you’re having, your insurance coverage, and other factors. Each procedure is unique to the individual, so call our office in Valley Ranch for an appointment and we’ll provide you with an estimate of your cost. Our goal is to provide quality, affordable dentistry to our patients.

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