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Bone Grafting

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Is Bone Grafting Painful?

Dental bone grafts are performed under anesthetic, so you won’t be able to feel anything throughout the entirety of your procedure. During the procedure, an oral surgeon will remove bone from another part of your body to your jawbone. Over the course of the next several months, the transplant will grow new bone in order to support a dental implant.

What’s the Price for a Bone Graft?

Our patients are understandably worried about the cost of procedures like bone grafts. The price you will have to pay after the procedure will depend on the type of graft performed, whether or not you need further surgical intervention, and your insurance provider. You may be able to save money by using synthetic bone rather than your own bone.

How Much Does a Sinus Lift Cost?

Sinus lifts are usually needed when a patient needs dental implants. This procedure is done under anesthesia and consists of one of our oral surgeons lifting the sinus membrane to provide enough room to accommodate the bone that is being transplanted into the jaw. The cost of this procedure varies depending on the complexity of your case.

Sedation Dentistry

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry consists of the use of a variety of sedation techniques that ensure that a patient is kept comfortable throughout dental and surgical procedures. Our team of dentists in Waterside utilizes techniques such as local anesthetics (topical or injectable), nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and IV sedation.

What Is the Average Cost of Sedation Dentistry?

While the average cost will vary depending upon the type of sedation administered, nitrous oxide and oral sedation methods tend to be lower in cost than IV sedation. Your dental insurance provider may offer sedation dentistry coverage.

Tooth Extractions

What Is Tooth Extraction Surgery?

A tooth extraction surgery that requires an oral surgeon is usually a more complicated case than one that can be performed by your regular dentist. A surgical extraction is required when a tooth that hasn’t broken through the gums needs to be taken out. During the surgery, a small incision will be made in the gum line and the tooth will be removed. The extraction surgery is done while the patient is under an anesthetic.

How Much Do Dental Extractions Cost?

You will be provided with an estimate of the total cost of your tooth extraction surgery after a comprehensive consultation. The total cost will depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the location of the tooth, follow-up appointments needed, and your dental insurance policy.

Is Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Expensive?

The cost of having your wisdom teeth removed will depend on how severe your case is, your dental insurance and what type of sedation method is used. This commonly performed procedure is always done under anesthetic.

Oral Pathology

What Are Oral Pathology Diseases?

Oral pathology diseases are diseases that impact the mouth. These range from periodontal disease to root canal infections and oral cancers. If you’re experiencing troubling symptoms like discoloration, painful mouth sores, lumps or thickening, you may need to see an oral pathologist in Waterside. Our pathologists can determine whether your symptoms are warning signs of something serious.

What Happens After an Oral Cancer Diagnosis?

If your dentist diagnoses you with oral cancer after your annual oral cancer screening, you will be provided with a treatment plan that will best address your diagnosis. Early detection of oral cancer is critical in curing the disease.

How Much Do Oral Cancer Treatments Cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the treatment plan that your dentist or oral surgeon recommends. You may require surgery and/or chemotherapy as part of your treatment plan.

IV Sedation

What’s the Closest IV Sedation Dentist Near Me?

Our clinic in Waterside offers IV sedation for patients who have complex dental issues or who are extremely anxious about receiving dental or oral surgery. IV sedation allows you to drift off to sleep while the treatment is performed. Our dentists will help you to determine whether or not this is a good option for you.

Are IV Sedation Dentists Expensive?

IV sedation tends to be more expensive than other sedation methods. The overall costs will vary depending on the experience level of your dentist and how long your appointment lasts.

Oral Surgeon

How Can An Oral Surgeon Help You?

Oral surgeons can help to treat issues like impacted wisdom teeth, oral cancer, sleep problems and breathing problems. They also offer an array of cosmetic procedures. These procedures include dental implants.

What Does Oral Surgery Cost?

The cost of your oral surgery will depend on the type of surgery you need to have and your dental insurance plan coverage. Our dentists in Waterside always want to provide you with affordable dental and oral surgery. Our friendly and experienced team members are only a phone call away. Schedule your appointment now.

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