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Dental Crowns

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Do I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a custom-made cap that fits over a damaged tooth. If you have a tooth that is badly damaged from tooth decay or is discolored or misshapen, you can probably benefit from a dental crown.

What’s the Price of a Dental Crown?

The price of a dental crown varies based on the material it’s made of, such as ceramics or gold alloy, and the techniques used by the dentist to install the crown.

Dental Bridges

What Kind of Dental Bridges Are There?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge is an excellent option for restoring your smile. Our dental office in Waxahachie offers a variety of dental bridge options that can replace any of your missing teeth, including molars. When you visit us, a dentist will discuss the options available, including traditional, cantilever and implant-supported bridges, and help you select the type that’s right for you.

What Is The Average Cost of Dental Bridges?

The question of cost is a good one, but it is very difficult to get an accurate cost for your dental bridge without meeting with a dentist first. The cost depends on the type of bridge and the number of teeth being replaced, among other items.


Who Makes Dentures?

Your dentist can assess your smile and make a recommendation for dentures. They’ll take impressions of your teeth and do the necessary preparatory work, like extracting teeth. In most cases, dentures are made off-site in a lab. They are made according to the impressions and measurements taken by your dentist.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

We offer a range of denture options to suit our patient’s budgets. The cost depends on the type of appliance you choose. Any dental work that you need to complete before getting your dentures will also determine the cost.

Are Full Dentures Uncomfortable?

Full dentures can be removable or fixed in place with dental implants. Our dentists want your dentures to be as comfortable as possible. After a short period of time when you’ll get used to wearing your new dentures, they should be completely comfortable. You should continue to visit the dentist so that they can adjust or reline your dentures. That way, you can make sure that your dentures continue to stay as comfortable as possible.

How Do Partial Dentures Stay in Place?

Fixed partial dentures stay in place with attachments, often in the form of specialized crowns, which go onto the surrounding remaining teeth. Removable dentures may have metal clasps that hold onto the teeth. Partials that are supported with dental implants don’t rely on the surrounding teeth to stay in place.

What Is a Flipper Denture?

A flipper denture is made of acrylic and stays in your mouth using suction. This type of denture is usually a temporary option.

What Does a Flipper Denture Cost?

Your cost for a flipper denture will depend on the number of teeth being replaced and the materials used to make the flipper teeth. In general, flipper teeth are considered to be an affordable choice for tooth replacement.

What Is the Immediate Dentures Procedure?

Immediate dentures are dentures that you can wear while your gums heal after tooth extractions. To get this type of denture, you need to visit the dentist a few weeks before your tooth-removal appointment to have impressions of your teeth made for your dentures. Your dentures will be ready and waiting for you to take home the same day as your extraction.

Dental Fillings

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

A dental filling replaces part of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, and it helps to seal that tooth from decay-causing bacteria. Dental fillings are designed to last many years, but most fillings will need to be replaced eventually. Your dentist checks your fillings during routine exams to catch any problems early on.

What’s the Cost of Dental Fillings?

The cost of dental fillings depends on the material used to fill the tooth and the amount covered by your dental insurance if you have it.

What’s the Difference Between Composite and Metal Fillings?

Metal amalgam fillings are considered to be the traditional type of filling. They are strong and durable and are silver in color. Composite fillings are made of materials that closely match the color of the tooth. Since metal fillings are stronger, they are better-suited to filling cavities on the molars. Composite fillings are a natural choice for filling the teeth that people see when you smile.


What Are Onlays Used for?

Onlays are tooth-restoration options that dentists use to repair teeth that have decay on their chewing surfaces. They’re an excellent choice for treating molars that don’t require dental crowns.

What Is the Price of Dental Onlays?

The best way to find out your dental onlay cost is to visit a dentist for a consultation. If an onlay is the right solution for you, you’ll receive an estimate of the cost.

What Is a Dental Overlay?

A dental overlay is sometimes called a three-quarter crown. It can cover teeth that have extensive decay, providing exceptional strength to that tooth. If you require an overlay because of tooth decay, the cost could be covered by dental insurance.

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