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Bone Grafting

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Why Is Jawbone Grafting Done?

In implant dentistry, a bone graft creates a base for an implant in a jawbone that has deteriorated. The bone can be from your own body, a donor, or there is synthetic bone material available. Once the graft heals, you can have the implant surgery. Healing may take several months.

How Much Does Bone Grafting Cost in West Frisco?

Several factors influence your bone graft cost, including whether your own bone is used; using your own bone is the most expensive option. Call our office to arrange to speak with a dentist about your cost for a bone grafting procedure

When Might I Need a Sinus Lift Before Getting Implants?

When getting an upper jaw dental implant, you may need a sinus lift if there isn’t enough room to place additional bone that’s needed or if you have a large sinus cavity.

Sedation Dentistry

What Is Oral Sedation?

We use common prescription medication to help our patients relax. They are safe; our dentist will go over your medical history and allergies before prescribing any medication. Our goal is to ensure your comfort and relaxation at our office. If oral sedatives are not right for you, we have other sedation methods available, such as nitrous oxide.

What Are Sedation Prices?

Your cost depends on the type of sedation used. Many dentists and oral surgeons charge by the hour. We strive to keep our prices affordable, since many dental insurance providers do not cover the cost. Call us to arrange your initial appointment and our dentist can give you an estimate of your expected cost for sedation.

Tooth Extractions

What Are Surgical Tooth Removals?

Surgical tooth removals, or extractions, require surgical access through an incision in your gum by an oral surgeon. In some cases, the tooth has to be sectioned into pieces to remove it. If you need a tooth surgically removed, call our office to schedule your appointment.

How Much Does a Surgical Tooth Removal Cost?

Your surgical tooth removal cost depends on several factors, including the location of your tooth, the difficulty of the extraction, your sedation, and your dental insurance plan.

What Does It Cost to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

To find out how much it will cost to get your wisdom teeth out, you would need to come in for an examination. We would base your cost on the sedation you will need, whether you want all four wisdom teeth removed, and whether the teeth are impacted. Your dental or medical insurance may cover wisdom teeth extractions.

Oral Pathology

Are Oral Surgeons Trained in Oral Pathology?

As part of their residency, oral surgeons learn to identify and treat diseases of the mouth that affect its normal function, such as mouth cancer.

How Do Oral Surgeons Treat Mouth Cancer?

The most common treatment for mouth cancer that an oral surgeon provides is tumor removal. If you would like to talk to a local oral surgeon that treats mouth cancer, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

How Much Will Oral Cancer Treatment Cost Me?

The price for your oral cancer treatment is determined by what stage your cancer is in, what treatment options you select and who performs the treatment. Your medical insurance plan may cover at least a portion of the treatment costs. Coverage varies; check with your health insurance provider.

IV Sedation

Why Would I Need IV Sedation?

Intravenous sedation is ideal for patients with dental anxiety because after a procedure, the patient does not remember going through it. This procedure is more commonly used when the patient needs to undergo an invasive and painful procedure or a very long procedure. If you would like to have IV sedation for an upcoming procedure, contact our office to make an appointment.

What’s the Charge for IV Sedation?

Dentists and oral surgeons usually charge by the hour for IV sedation. You can get an estimate of your cost before your surgery.

Oral Surgeon

What Do Oral Surgeons Treat?

Oral surgeons specialize in diagnosing and surgically treating conditions affecting the maxillofacial area, which includes the mouth teeth, jaws, and face. If you need to see a local oral surgeon, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

What Does an Appointment with an Oral Surgeon Cost?

Your cost for an appointment with an oral surgeon is determined by the reason behind your appointment and your dental insurance coverage. Costs vary widely, as oral surgeons perform a wide range of procedures.

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