Root Canals in Westchase

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, swelling gums or your tooth is starting to darken, our root canal dentists can usually preserve your tooth and end your pain if you seek treatment early. If you delay, our dentist may not be able to save your tooth. If you are looking for a root canal dentist in Westchase, give Ideal Dental of Westchase a call to schedule an appointment with a dentist who strives to save your smile. Our practice is devoted to providing effective root canal therapy and other endodontic treatments.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root Canals in [GEOID]

Root canal procedures have a reputation for being painful; however, usually they are not any more painful than having a cavity filled. You may feel discomfort after the procedure for a day or two, but the recovery is not as difficult as the recovery from an extraction, which is needed when the tooth cannot be saved. Your comfort is a priority to us. Contact our office to arrange an appointment.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Typically, deep decay or trauma is the reason people need a root canal to preserve their tooth. The root canal process is straightforward. Our dentist will explain what will happen before starting the procedure. After administering a local anesthetic and isolating the tooth with a rubber dam, our dentist will drill a hole in the crown of your tooth to access the interior of your tooth (the pulp). The dentist will remove the pulp and disinfect the canals before filling the canals with gutta percha. Finally, the hole in your tooth is filled and sealed. Adult teeth can easily survive without the pulp as the surrounding tissue helps support the tooth.

In some cases, you will need a second visit to either have a permanent filling put in your tooth or have our dentist crown the tooth. You must take care not to fracture the tooth before the crown is ready to reinforce your tooth’s structural integrity. Front teeth may only need a permanent filling. Once your crown is ready, we will call you to come in so our dentist can remove the temporary restoration. Once the crown is in place, you will have a functional tooth and a nice smile once again.

If you follow your dentist’s directions on caring for for tooth preserved with a root canal procedure, your newly crowned tooth should last for a long time.

Is it Better to Get Treatment from a Root Canal Dentist or Endodontist?

Both general dentists, who specialize in endodontic treatments, and endodontists offer root canal treatments. At Ideal Dental of Westchase, our dentists perform simple root canals; we refer patients who need treatment on molars and teeth with complex canal systems to endodontists. Check your dental insurance policy; it may only cover treatment by an endodontist if you visit a dentist first for a referral. Call our office to schedule an exam and we will let you know if we can perform your root canal in our office.

What Factors Determine What My Root Canal Will Cost?

Primarily, the fee for your root canal depends by the number of roots in the affected tooth; either one root in a front tooth, two roots in a premolar or three roots in molars. The severity of the infection will also affect the cost since it may necessitate another appointment.

If you have dental insurance, most likely your plan covers a root canal, since the procedure keeps the infection in the pulp from spreading to other teeth, your neck, or your head. We will assist you with determining what you will have to pay with insurance. Our office may be able to help with a dental payment plan to make the procedure more affordable to you by spreading the cost out over several months.

Contact our office today to schedule your appointment. An experienced root canal dentist will assess your situation and recommend the suitable treatment. We look forward to serving you.

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