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At one point in time, people who had teeth with damaged or infected nerves had to have the affected teeth extracted. Today, dentists are able to use root canal treatments to save teeth with nerve issues. This means that patients are able to retain their natural teeth. If you have been experiencing tooth pain and suspect that you have an infected or damaged nerve in your tooth, contact Ideal Dental of Willow Bend immediately. Our root canal dentists will be able to address your problem, preserving your natural smile whenever it is humanly possible.

Root Canal Procedure

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Our practice is dedicated to preserving your natural teeth whenever we can. That’s why our dentists in Willow Bend will work to save your severely damaged teeth. If we decide that you are a candidate for root canal treatment, we will answer any questions you have about the procedure. We will also provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs that you may incur. Once our dentist has performed your root canal, you will be well on the road to having a healthy, pain-free smile.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a routine dental procedure that is performed by dentists around the world. While any kind of surgical procedure sounds scary, root canals have enabled dentists to save teeth and restore healthy smiles to their patients.

You may not know it, but your tooth is made up of several layers. Underneath the top layers of white enamel and dentin is an incredibly soft tissue called the pulp. It is made up of blood vessels, tissue and nerves. The pulp allows the tooth’s root to grow in properly when the tooth is first developing. Once it is strong enough, the pulp is no longer needed to support the tooth.

Damage, decay or faulty crowns can lead to the pulp becoming infected. In cases like this, it is necessary to have a root canal procedure performed. Infected or inflamed pulp can be incredibly painful and can also lead to a host of dental and overall health issues if left untreated.

A root canal is performed under an anesthetic, when necessary. While the dentist is working on you, you won’t be able to feel any pain. During the surgery, the inflamed pulp is taken out. The inside of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and then filled with a rubbery material. A crown is then placed on the tooth. The crown will blend in with the rest of your teeth and will allow you to eat and speak without any issues.

What Kind of Dentist Should I See for a Root Canal?

If you’ve been told that you need a root canal, you may be wondering whether you need to see some sort of specialist. Most of the time, your regular dentist can do your root canal. However, if you have a complex case involving teeth that have many canals, you may be referred to an oral surgeon or endodontist. The best way to determine whether or not you need to see a specialist is to make an appointment with one of our dentists. From there, we will determine whether or not your root canal can be done at our practice.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Cost?

At your initial appointment you will receive a detailed estimate and a treatment plan. The cost of your root canal will depend on a variety of factors. These factors will include the severity of your infection and the location of the tooth that needs to be worked on. Your bill will usually combine the cost of the procedure with the dental crown.

If you have dental insurance, you can rest assured that most dental insurance plans provide adequate coverage for root canals. This is because insurance companies consider root canals to be medically necessary procedures. Regardless of your insurance plan, you should double check with your provider about what percentage of your bill your plan will cover.

If you don’t have insurance, our Willow Bend dentists can help you to find a flexible payment plan or financing option that works for you. It’s important not to delay in receiving treatment for your damaged or infected teeth. If you put off having your root canal done, you could experience severe pain or an infection that spreads to other parts of your body.

Affordable root canals are within reach from our office. Take your first step to getting your dental issues resolved by picking up the phone and calling us today.

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