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Emergency Dental Care In Wylie

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Dental pain can disrupt your entire life and if you have a broken tooth, an abscessed tooth, or any other type of dental pain, you may need emergency dental care. Our office of skilled dental professionals can help alleviate your pain and fix the afflicted area. Call our office in Wylie today to schedule an appointment for the emergency dental care you need.

Where Can I Get Emergency Dental Care In Wylie?

Our office in Wylie is here to provide emergency dental services to those who need it. Often, we’re able to schedule an appointment within hours of your call, depending on our patient workload. Don’t delay in contacting our emergency dental clinic in Wylie for the emergency dental care you need. Often, delaying treatment can result in the need for more extensive work later, so be sure to call us promptly if you need emergency dental care near Wylie.

Are Emergency Dental Services More Costly Than Regular Dental Services?

The cost of emergency dental services varies depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, whether you’ll need a follow up appointment or not, and your insurance coverage. Your dentist will provide you with a detailed estimate of the fees during your initial visit, so you’ll know exactly what your emergency dental care in Wylie will cost.

What Is Considered An Emergency For A Dentist?

Our skilled dentists can provide dental treatment for most types of dental issues, but some of the procedures we routinely perform on an emergency basis include:

Emergency Extractions
Teeth that are severely damaged should be removed without delay. If an abscess is present, it’s particularly important not to wait because the toxins in the abscess can adversely affect your overall health. You’ll be made comfortable and we’ll use anesthetic to numb the area.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
The wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to develop in the jaw and sometimes there’s just not enough room for them. If your wisdom teeth are emerging and you’re experiencing pain from it, be sure to call our emergency dental clinic in Wylie and we can extract them for you.

Root Canal
If your tooth is damaged beyond repair or abscessed, you may need a root canal. Root canals are a very common procedure but the need for one can cause extreme dental pain. Call us today in Wylie for an appointment at our emergency dental clinic if you think you may need a root canal.

Root Canal for a Child
If your child needs a root canal, our experienced dentists can help. Children may need special care procedures due to their age, and our dental staff is experienced in providing quality pediatric dental care. It’s important to care for your child’s baby teeth so that they have healthy permanent teeth.

Non-Emergency Extractions
We perform non-emergency tooth extractions in Wylie as well as emergency extractions. If your teeth have been injured or if one or more is decayed, be sure to call our office in Wylie and let us schedule an appointment for you.

Emergency Dental Services

When Should I Get Emergency Dental Work Done?

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, you may require emergency dental treatment.

Abscessed Teeth
If one or more of your teeth have become abscessed, you need to obtain dental care without delay. Abscessed teeth are exceedingly painful and can adversely affect your overall health. Be sure to seek urgent dental care immediately if you have one or more abscessed teeth in Wylie.

Broken Teeth, Cracked Teeth
Infection can occur if you have broken or cracked teeth. To avoid problems in the future, seek immediate treatment if you have one or more teeth that are broken or cracked. Call our office today in Wylie and let us schedule an appointment for you.

Broken or Fractured Jaw
If you’ve fractured or broken your jaw, you definitely need emergency dental care. If your jaw is misaligned or you’re experiencing facial pain, be sure to call our office in Wylie and we’ll see you as quickly as possible.

Broken, Loose, or Lost Crowns
Crowns that are damaged or missing can compromise the integrity of your teeth, so be sure to contact our office in Wylie if you have a loose crown, or if you’ve broken or lost your crown. Let us help you regain your beautiful smile.

Dental Infection
Dental infections can develop for many reasons, but are especially common when patients don’t receive regular dental cleanings. Our dentists can fix the problem and give you instructions on how to keep your teeth infection free.

Missing Tooth or Teeth
If one or more of your teeth are missing, for whatever reason, be sure to contact our office in Wylie and we’ll help you. Your teeth are important to the structural integrity of your jaw and chewing is the first stage of the digestive process, so you need to take good care of your teeth. If your tooth gets knocked out, place it in a container of cold milk and contact us immediately; we may be able to save your tooth.

Lost or Loose Fillings
Losing a filling or having a filling that’s become loose can subject your tooth to decay. If you’ve lost a filling or your filling is loose, call us today in Wylie and let us make a replacement for you.

Severe Facial Swelling
Whether it’s your gums or your face, if you’re experiencing facial swelling, it’s important to obtain emergency dental treatment. Our dentists in Wylie can determine the cause of the swelling and alleviate it.

A toothache, particularly a severe one, indicates that there’s a problem. Call our office in Wylie today and let one of our dentists treat your toothache and alleviate your pain.

Is It Expensive to Receive Emergency Dental Treatment?

We understand that you may be concerned about your emergency dental treatment cost at our office in Wylie. We strive to maintain competitive emergency dental service costs while at the same time providing high-quality emergency dental treatment. For those reasons, we are a preferred provider offering the MetroCare Dental Plan. This is a dental plan that costs only $129 per year, with no lab fees, no hidden costs, no limits, no exclusions, and no waiting periods. It offers discounts of up to 80 percent on routine dental services and associated procedures. Call our office in Wylie to learn more about this great dental plan. Call us today.

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