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Dental Hygiene

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Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

Dental hygiene is an important element in maintaining a happy and healthy smile. Keeping your teeth, mouth and gums both clean and healthy prevents gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental Services for Children

Is Children’s Dental Care Expensive?

Children’s dental care consists of tooth cleanings, X-rays, cavity treatment and gum disease treatment. The overall cost will depend on the specifics of your child’s case, overall oral health and your dental insurance.

Dental Exams

What’s Part of a Routine Dental Examination?

When you come into our clinic for a dental examination, your mouth will be examined for cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. You will also have X-rays taken of your mouth.

What Do Dental Exams Cost?

Dental exam prices vary according to factors like the condition of your teeth, the condition of your gums and your insurance coverage. The exam and X-rays are typically included in your bill.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

Does Gingivitis Gum Treatment Hurt?

Gingivitis gum treatment is done under a local anesthetic, so you won’t be able to feel anything during the treatment process. The treatment consists of the dentist performing a cleaning that removes the plaque and debris from the gum pockets.

What Is the Price for Gingivitis Treatment?

Your expenses for gingivitis treatment will be determined on the severity of your periodontal disease. A deep cleaning that requires scaling and root planing will be more expensive than routine cleanings.

Mouth Guards – Sports

Are Dentist Sports Mouth Guards the Best?

A custom-fitted mouth guard from your dentist is the best option for protecting your mouth, cheeks, tongue, jaw and teeth during collision sports. Mouth guards are made out of a soft, flexible plastic or laminate material. Athletes who play sports like hockey, boxing and football use sports mouth guards.

What Is the Price for a Sports Mouth Guard?

The materials used to construct the mouth guard and any other unique specifications you may have will all factor into the price you pay for your sports mouth guard.

Night Guards

Do Night Guards Work?

Custom-fitted night guards work by preventing you from grinding your teeth during the night while you sleep. They are usually made out of plastic.

What’s the Price for a Custom Night Guard?

The cost of your night guard will depend on a number of factors. These include how complex your case is, the materials used, and your dental insurance coverage. Many insurance providers offer coverage for night guards that have been deemed medically necessary.

What Problems Does a Bruxism Guard Treat?

Bruxism guards serve the purpose of preventing patients from grinding their teeth at night. This grinding can cause damage to the teeth and mouth. Our patients often report that they sleep better after beginning to use their bruxism guard.

Nitrous Oxide

Is Dental Nitrous Oxide Dangerous?

Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas. This colorless and odorless gas is a commonly used form of local sedation that works quickly. Since the effects of nitrous oxide are easily reversible, it is an incredibly safe option for dental sedation.

How Much Does Dental Nitrous Oxide Cost?

The affordability of dental nitrous oxide makes it a popular choice for patients who experience high levels of anxiety during dental procedures. The exact amount that you will have to pay is typically calculated on a per-hour or per-visit basis.

Oral Cancer Screening

How Long Do Oral Cancer Tests Take?

Oral cancer screenings are most frequently done during your annual dental checkup. Contact us if it’s been a while since you last had a dentist examine the overall status of your oral health.

How Much Does an Oral Cancer Test Cost?

Your insurance provider and your insurance plan will determine how much you will owe for your oral cancer screening. If you do have oral cancer, our dentists in Wylie will offer you a detailed treatment plan and provide you with an estimate of the cost of treatment.


How Long Do Tooth Sealants Last?

Designed to prevent tooth decay, tooth protection sealants typically last for up to ten years. This makes them a good option for patients who may be prone to cavities.

What’s the Price for Tooth Sealants?

Your total expenses for tooth protection sealant will be determined by the number of teeth you are having treated, the condition of your oral health and your dental insurance provider. If you’re interested in learning more about tooth sealant and what it costs, contact our team today.

Sedation Dentistry

Are You Asleep During Sedation Dentistry?

In most cases sedation dentistry puts you into a deep state of relaxation. It is only in cases where general anesthesia is used that you will be put completely to sleep for your procedure.

What’s the Cost for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry costs will vary significantly depending on factors like your insurance plan, the type of sedation technique used, and the amount of time you will be under sedation during the procedure.

How Does Oral Sedation Work?

Oral sedation consists of the dentist giving you a pill to sedate you before your procedure. This is a fairly safe method of sedation for most people. If you suffer from sleep apnea, breathing problems or other medical conditions you should let your dentist know.

Dental X-rays

How Long Do Teeth X-rays Take?

Your dental X-rays are typically taken during your annual checkup. The length of time it takes for your X-rays to be done will vary depending on how much of your mouth your dentist wants to see. In cases where you need a full mouth X-ray, you can expect it to take around half an hour.

How Much Do Teeth X-rays Cost?

The complexity of your case and your dental insurance coverage options will play a part in determining how much you will owe for your dental X-rays. Most insurers provide coverage for X-rays that are taken as part of a routine examination.

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