3D Smile Assessment


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3D Smile Assessment

What is a 3D Smile Assessment?

At Ideal Dental, top-notch technology leads to top-notch teeth. The 3D Smile Assessment offers a digital visualization of the health of your teeth and elevates clinical precisions. Its parallel imaging technology uses optical and laser scanning to achieve accurate scans in color.

The 3D Assessment that not only allows us to track the movement of your teeth but also tooth wear and the changes in your gums over time – and how to best treat your smile. The scan will also show a heat map showing our doctors exactly how your bite is functioning. A bad bite can cause tooth decay or even affect the way you chew.

Why do I need a 3D scan?

Unlike traditional teeth x-rays, our scanner can detect what we call interproximal carries which are cavities in between the teeth. Photos can show us a bad bite and tooth decay, but what we have learned is that photos cannot show us the early stages of tooth decay. The scan shows us everything above the surface of the tooth; which includes the health of the teeth with the distraction of your lips, cheek, and tongue.

Our scanner helps us take the exact measures to prevents further tooth damage.

Do I Still Need to Get X-Rays?

As part of our comprehensive exam, traditional X-Rays show us the health of everything below the surface of the tooth and our comprehensive exam allows our team to help prevent unnecessary dental work for the future.

The x-ray shows us the health of everything below the surface of the tooth — and potential issues we can’t see with just photos. Our comprehensive exams allow our team to see things before they get worse.