Invisalign at Ideal Dental

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. Nothing is more attractive than a wide smile with straight, pearly, white teeth. Unfortunately, many people do not have the perfect smile naturally. Misaligned or crooked teeth look unsightly and are more difficult to clean. Eventually, this can lead to periodontal disease, risking bone and gum damage and in serve cases, tooth loss. Seeking corrective measures, such as braces, is the best way to align teeth.

However, there is a common misconception that they are uncomfortable and unattractive With the invention of the innovative Invisalign technology, you can have well-aligned teeth without bearing the pain and embarrassment of traditional braces.

How they work

Invisalign aligners made of acrylic, are transparent and custom-made to fit your teeth and recommended for teenagers and adults.

The Invisalign trays are customized using a computer to ensure great results. At first, a 3D model is generated to match the exact design of your mouth. The model determines which teeth need to be repositioned to get perfect aligned teeth. Initially, you need to wear the aligners for almost twenty hours every day for two week period. A new impression may be taken following your initial corrective treatment if any further alignment is needed. Depending on the situation of your teeth the number of trays used in a treatment varies between 5 and 25.

Benefits Of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

1. Appearance

Invisalign Clear Braces simply have a better appearance. Metal braces are bulky and can make the mouth look unattractive. When you attempt to smile, the person standing in front sees a mouth full of metal. In other words, metal braces are quite noticeable. Food gets easily stuck in them without you being aware of it. On the other hand, Invisalign Clear Braces are close to invisible. It doesn’t look like the person is wearing anything and they are definitely more attractive.

2. Personal Comfort

It is easy to remove clear braces when required, but not so with metal braces. Once metal braces are fixed to your teeth, they must remain there for eight to twelve months. Only a dentist may remove them. Invisalign can be removed easily for shorter durations, especially while eating or drinking.

3. Safety

Traditional braces are filled with protruding metal bits and wire which repeatedly scratch the gums and inside mouth. As a result, they can lead to tooth decay and demineralization. A great deal of force is used to straighten the teeth. Such problems do not exist with Invisalign. They are clear braces, so they feel comfortable and smooth. There are no sharp or edgy bits to deal with. As a result, they do not normally cause cavities or gum disease.

If you suffer from teeth that are missing, crowded or misshapen, Invisalign Clear Braces can help. Contact us to find out if you qualify for Invisalign.