What is Considered an Emergency in Dentistry?

What is Considered an Emergency in Dentistry?

If your teeth or gums are bothering you, it is probably a sign that it’s time for a dental checkup. But how can you tell if an oral problem is a genuine dental emergency, which requires immediate treatment? Ideal Dental has a location near you that provides emergency dental procedures, in addition to our other services. Here are some guidelines to help you understand what really constitutes an emergency in dentistry.

Assessing Your Condition

When you know the signs of a dental emergency, you can assess for yourself whether you need to schedule an immediate appointment for treatment. Here are some questions to ask yourself when experiencing what could be a dental emergency:

Common Conditions That Require Emergency Dental Care

These are some of the most common dental emergencies that we treat at Ideal Dental clinics:

Loose or Broken Fillings: Fillings are installed to fill cavities in the teeth, and prevent a tooth from experiencing further decay. If a filling becomes loose or falls out, it should be replaced quickly.

Broken Crowns: Crowns can sometimes become loose or break (or disappear completely). If you still have the crown, bring it with you to an emergency appointment, so we can try to figure out why it came loose.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: Facial accidents that result in broken or cracked teeth should always be treated as an emergency. The sooner treatment is applied to a broken tooth, the more likely it is that the tooth will not have to be extracted.

Oral Infections: A painful infection in the teeth or gums can be a serious medical emergency. The infection can spread to other parts of the body without treatment. If an abscess causes the cheeks or gums to become swollen, it may need to be drained during an emergency appointment.

Extreme Tooth Pain: If a tooth is causing you serious pain, it means something is genuinely wrong. Immediate treatment, which may even include extracting the tooth, is the best way to resolve the pain quickly.

Ideal Dental can provide you with fast relief from a dental emergency. If you are experiencing an emergency, find your nearest Ideal Dental office and call for an emergency appointment.