Dental Items to Include in a First Aid Kit

Dental Items to Include in a First Aid Kit

Do you need dental tools in your first aid kit? Yes! Your mouth is just as fragile as other parts of your body and can be injured just as easily. Many people have first aid kits, but few actually have items in their kits that can help them when they’ve lost a tooth or are experiencing tooth pain. Knowing what to put in your first aid kit can help you in the event of a dental emergency. 

How Can You Tell If You’re Having a Dental Emergency?

Be familiar with the types of injuries that make up dental emergencies. Below is a list of the most common problems that people experience. 

Not sure if your injury is a legitimate emergency? Call your dentist at Ideal Dentist for advice. 

What Should You Put In Your First Aid Kit?

Keep your first aid kit fully stocked with the following items:  

Clean gloves make it easier to reach into someone else’s mouth if you’re trying to help them with a dental emergency.

Tweezers come in handy in the event that you’re trying to pick up a piece of a chipped tooth. Never use tweezers to grab a lost permanent tooth by the roots, and don’t use tweezers to dislodge an item that’s stuck between your teeth.  

Gauze can be used to control bleeding if you’ve bitten your tongue or cheek, or if your gums are bleeding. 

Floss can help you dislodge an item that’s stuck between two teeth. 

Dental mirrors are handy when you’re trying to see a part of your mouth that isn’t immediately visible when looking in the mirror. 

A flashlight comes in useful if you’re using your dental emergency kit to look inside your mouth or the mouth of someone else. 

How to Maintain Your Emergency Kit

First aid kits have a way of getting used over time, especially if other members of your family know the kit is there. Check-in on your kit once per year to ensure the items you put in the kit are still there and clean.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the dental mirror, just in case it’s gotten dusty or has been used in someone’s mouth without your awareness. Take some time to replace the batteries in your flashlight, or at least check the flashlight to ensure it’s still working. 

Need Help With Your Dental Emergency? Contact Your Dentist Right Away

If you’re having a dental emergency, it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible. Find your local Ideal Dental office to find out whether you need emergency attention, and if you do, book an appointment as soon as possible.