What to Look for When Choosing a Dentist

What to Look for When Choosing a Dentist

Looking for a new dentist can be daunting. A look at local listings will always reveal plenty of options, whether in your own town or in a nearby city. Most dentists will also have their own sites, which make them seem great. This uniformity makes it almost impossible to know which one you should choose.

There are several things we believe are important for a long-lasting relationship with a new dentist. When these factors are present, you’re almost sure to be happy and confident with your provider.

Dental Services Provided

Dental cleaning is the most popular oral health service across the nation, but that doesn’t mean that the other services offered by dentists are any less important. That’s because most people will eventually need a filling or other restorative service. Therefore, you should make sure that your chosen dental office is able to do all dental procedures – even the ones that you think you’ll never need.

Ages Served

Many dental offices serve all ages, making them good for your entire family. However, this isn’t always the case. Some still only handle adults, or possibly adults and older teens. Others will limit their practice to pediatric dentistry. If your family includes young children, choose an all-ages office so that you can all go to the same place. This makes it easy for everyone to get services done on the same day, thereby minimizing lost work time.

Insurances Accepted

Maintaining good oral health is much easier if you have no financial reason not to visit your dentist. Making sure that the office accepts your insurance lets you visit without worrying about the cost. If you don’t have any dental insurance, look for a provider with an in-house discount plan and a financing option.

The Right Attitude

Your overall experience at the dentist’s office is greatly dependent on what you think of the attitude of those who work there. From the office staff to the actual dentist, you’ll be happier if they are friendly as well as efficient. You can sometimes get a clue about this just by calling the office. Is the receptionist friendly and helpful, or rude and rushed?

If the receptionist passes your criteria in this regard, go ahead and make your first appointment. Then, you’ll get to see the rest of the operation, and make your decision about whether to come back for more.

General Office Competence and Efficiency

Much like staff attitude, this is best judged by making an appointment and seeing it for yourself. Since your first appointment usually just involves an exam, it’s a risk-free way to check it out. A good office should have that “well-oiled machine” feel to it.

The Actual Dentist

Look for an office where you’ll see the same dentist every time, except perhaps for emergency work. This way, the dentist gets to know your mouth and what issues to look out for.

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