Emergency Dentistry


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Emergency Dentistry

Finding the right emergency dentist near you can help you deal with accidents and injuries more quickly and effectively. In many cases, time is of the essence when dental emergencies occur. Knowing when to head for the emergency clinic and what to expect once you arrive can provide you with added peace of mind during the process. Our emergency dentists offer professional services that focus on your comfort and health throughout the process.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dental care generally consists of the procedures and treatments needed to resolve urgent issues with the teeth and gums. Sports accidents, falls and other incidents can cause serious damage to teeth. In some cases, tooth decay, infections or deterioration of dental hardware can also create the need for emergency care to relieve pain and save viable teeth.

Where Can I Find the Right Emergency Dental Care?

Our dental office is conveniently located and can provide the emergency care services needed to resolve your issues. We offer same-day appointments and can accept walk-in patients in most cases, making it easy to manage even the most urgent cases for you and your family. Our team of emergency dentists will work with you to find the most effective solutions.

How Much Will My Emergency Dental Care Cost?

The cost of your emergency dental treatment depends on a few factors, including the condition of your teeth and gums, the severity of your injury and the type of problem you are experiencing. We will work with you at every stage of your treatment to ensure that you can pay for the cost of these services and that you receive cost-effective solutions for your specific set of needs.

Emergency Dental Services

The need for emergency dental care cannot be predicted. Unlike routine dental services, the treatments offered by our emergency dental clinic are generally intended to provide temporary relief from pain and to prevent further damage to teeth or gums.

What Services Are Available from Emergency Dentists?

Our emergency dental clinic offers a number of emergency services that include, but are not limited to the following:

Emergency Extractions: An extraction can be an emergency when attempts to save the tooth fail or an accident occurs. Our experienced dentists can complete the procedure with the help of anesthesia to keep the patient comfortable.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Wisdom teeth can also cause severe pain and may require immediate extraction to promote a healthier mouth.

Root canals: This is a necessary procedure when the root structures of your teeth become swollen and infected. Immediate treatment for pain can often help you get back to your regular activities.

Root Canals for Children: Children require special services and our dental team can perform a root canal when your child has a severely infected tooth.
Extractions: Extractions might also be necessary before the placement of dental devices, like braces. In this situation, it is a non-emergency extraction.

What Conditions Require Emergency Dental Care?

You may need emergency dental care if you or any member of your family is experiencing pain or discomfort because of an infection or injury, which would worsen without proper dental care. Here are some of the most common issues that require emergency care in our office.

Damaged or Knocked-out Teeth: Teeth can be broken or knocked out of their sockets during sports events or in other accidents. We can provide a comprehensive range of services to relieve pain and restore your teeth.

Loose or Broken Fillings: Fillings may become loose or fall out, leaving the tooth vulnerable to further decay or even bacterial infections.

Lost, Loose or Broken Crowns: If possible, bring your crown along when you visit our office. This can provide us with added information to discover why the crown has become loose or broken.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: If you think you might have broken or cracked a tooth, call our office promptly. It is important to fix the problem quickly to prevent further damage to the tooth and avoid an extraction.

Dental Infections: If you have a painful tooth, swollen or red gums or a fever, you may be experiencing a dental infection. Left untreated the infection can spread to other parts of your body resulting in the need for more expensive and aggressive treatments.

Swollen Gums or Cheeks: These symptoms are usually a sign of a serious infection that must be treated immediately to relieve pain and pressure at the area of the problem. Abscesses may be drained at our office. We may also prescribe antibiotics to combat the infection.

Severe Tooth Pain: Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Our emergency dental clinic will be happy to provide you with prompt attention and a practical resolution to your issues.

We are here to help with the prompt attention you need to feel better quickly. Our team is dedicated to helping you manage your dental care.

How Can I Manage Emergency Dental Care Costs?

Our office works diligently to keep your emergency dental costs low. As a Ideal Dental Plan Plan preferred provider, our office can help you lower the fees you will pay for routine and emergency care even more. Ideal Dental Plan members can save as much as 80 percent on the care they receive. For a small fee of $199 yearly, you can enjoy greater peace of mind when dealing with your dental care now and in the future.