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Our dentists in New Braunfels are specialists in using root canals and other endodontic therapies to help patients restore and preserve their natural teeth. Even if you have severely diseased or damaged teeth, a root canal may help you achieve a healthier smile and eliminate oral pain. Call today for more information about our endodontic services.

What Are the Basic Components of a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are typically straightforward procedures. There is a misconception that the procedure is extremely painful. Most patients find that it is no more uncomfortable than a traditional filling. If you have damaged teeth or are experiencing tooth pain, our dentists can determine if you are a candidate for root canal therapy. Our staff will take the time to go over all of your treatment options and answer all of your questions.

Is a Root Canal Complicated?

Root canals are routine procedures, so there is no need to be afraid. Each year, dentists save millions of teeth using root canals. Following the procedure, you will have a healthier smile and be able to eat and drink without pain.

At the center of each tooth is soft tissue known as pulp. The pulp is comprised of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues that promote root growth during tooth development. A fully developed tooth can survive without the pulp since it is supported by the surrounding tissues.

It is possible for the pulp to become inflamed or even infected. This can occur if you have faulty dental work, severe decay, or structural damage to a tooth. Because the pulp contains nerves, the inflammation and infection can cause severe pain. Untreated infections can lead to abscesses and other complications.

Before starting your root canal, the dentist will numb the area with an anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. A hole is drilled into the top of the tooth so that the dentist can remove the diseased pulp and clean out the root chambers. The tooth is then filled with a rubbery material called gutta percha. A crown is placed on top of the tooth to cover the hole and add stability to the structure of the tooth. Your restored tooth will look and function just like a natural tooth and allow you to eat and speak with confidence.

Do I Have to See a Dental Specialist for a Root Canal?

Finding a dentist to perform a root canal is easier than you may realize. Most general dentists perform simple root canals. Cases that are more complex may require treatment by an endodontist. This is usually the case if the affected tooth has a complex root system or multiple root canals. Our dentists will perform a comprehensive dental examination to determine if your root canal can be performed at our clinic. At that time, we will provide you with an outline of your treatment options as well as an estimate of your total cost. If oral pain is affecting your quality of life, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our root canal experts.

Will I Be Able to Afford a Root Canal?

We realize that most patients are concerned about the cost of dental care. Keep in mind that a root canal is a matter of medical necessity and should not be postponed. Delaying treatment can lead to tooth loss, pain, and other complications.

You can expect to pay for the procedure itself as well as for the crown. The exact cost will depend on the severity of your dental issue and the location of the tooth. If you have dental insurance, the majority of your cost will likely be covered. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider to find out more about your coverage. We work with a number of insurance providers and will help you make the most of your benefits. We also offer various payment plans for those without insurance or who have out-of-pocket costs even with insurance.

Having decayed or damaged teeth does not mean that you have to live in pain or give up on having a beautiful, healthy smile. Our dentists can help you find affordable treatment options to restore and preserve your smile. Start your journey toward better oral health by calling for an appointment today.

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