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Bone Grafting

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How Does Bone Grafting Work?

When you need dental implants but your jaw lacks a proper foundation for an implant, your dentist can insert a small piece of bone into your jawbone. Over time, the bone will become part of your jaw and will provide the foundation for an implant. A piece of bone can be taken from another part of your body or a synthetic bone is sometimes used. If you need a bone graft, call our office in New Braunfels for more information.

What’s the Price for a Bone Graft?

The cost of a bone graft is determined by several factors. If you use autologous bone, the number of implants you’ll receive, and your insurance company all influence your final cost. Call our office in New Braunfels to schedule an appointment and your dentist will provide you with an estimate of your cost.

Is a Sinus Lift Expensive and Painful?

The cost of a sinus lift will depend on the type and amount of sedation you need and the skill of the oral surgeon. The cost of the sinus lift will be included in the overall cost of your implants. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call our office in New Braunfels.

Sedation Dentistry

What Types of Sedation Dentistry Are Available?

Sedation dentistry is generally considered to be safe. You should advise your dentist of any health issues and any medications that you take so that he or she can ensure there are no interactions with the anesthetic you’re administered. You have several options, like injectable anesthesia, topical solutions, nitrous oxide or IV sedation.

How Much Will My Sedation Dentistry Cost?

Factors that will influence the cost of your sedation dentistry include your insurance coverage and the type of anesthetic to be used. The cost of sedation dentistry will be included in the estimate you receive from your dentist in our office in New Braunfels.

Tooth Extractions

Are Surgical Tooth Extractions Invasive Procedures?

Although many people consider tooth extractions painful, it’s the abscessed or infected tooth that’s actually causing the pain. Your dentist will administer anesthetic before the extraction, and you’ll probably be given some pain medication if your dentist feels it appropriate.

How Much Do Dental Extractions Cost for Dental Patients?

The cost of a dental extraction depends on the location and condition of the tooth to be extracted as well as the condition of the surrounding gums. During your consultation with your dentist in our office in New Braunfels, you’ll be given an estimate of the cost of your tooth extraction.

Will Getting My Wisdom Teeth Extracted Hurt?

Extraction of your wisdom teeth isn’t nearly as painful as many people think. Wisdom teeth are the last to appear and there may be no room for them. Crowded teeth can become impacted and painful. You’ll receive pain medication to ensure that you’re comfortable during the procedure and you’ll be given aftercare instructions to take home. Be sure to call our office in New Braunfels if you have more questions.

Oral Pathology

What Are Oral Pathology Diseases?

Sores, lumps, discoloration, or thickening in an area can all indicate the presence of a serious condition. You should immediately seek professional attention if you notice any of these symptoms. Call our office in New Braunfels to make an appointment with one of our caring dentists.

What Happens After an Oral Cancer Diagnosis?

No two cancer diagnoses are the same. Depending on the type of oral cancer you have, your dentist may recommend surgery or several other types of treatment. Call our office in New Braunfels for a consultation if you’ve received an oral cancer diagnosis.

Is an Oral Cancer Treatment Painful?

Treatment protocols will vary by individual, but the goal of our office is to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Call and talk to us about your options for oral cancer treatment in New Braunfels.

IV Sedation

Is IV Sedation Necessary for My Procedure?

IV sedation is normally considered safe but you should advise your dentist if you have health problems or if you take medications, whether prescription or over the counter. Generally, IV sedation will be used during invasive or surgical procedures to keep patients comfortable.

What’s the Cost for Getting IV Sedation?

The cost of an IV sedation will depend on the treatment you’re having done and the skill of the dentist. During your consultation in our office in New Braunfels, you’ll be provided with a cost estimate for your sedation procedure.

Oral Surgeon

What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

An oral surgeon can perform complex root canals, administer treatment for oral cancer, help you with sleep problems, and more. An oral surgeon can also install dental implants. If you need any of these types of services, please call our office today in New Braunfels and we’ll schedule an appointment for you.

Are Oral Surgery Procedures Expensive?

The cost of your oral surgery will depend on the procedure that you’re having done. Our commitment to our patients is to provide affordable, quality dental care. If you need oral surgery, call our office in New Braunfels today and let us help you.

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