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Dental Hygiene

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What Is the Purpose of Dental Hygiene?

Practicing good dental hygiene will keep your teeth free of plaque, which causes cavities and gum disease.

Dental Services for Children

What Are Common Dental Services for Children?

At our dental office, we offer a wide range of children’s dental services, including exams, X-rays, preventative sealants, and more. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for your child with a dentist experienced in providing care for children of all ages.

Dental Exams

What Can I Expect at a Dental Exam?

Typically, you can expect a professional cleaning, an oral cancer screening and an inspection of your teeth and gums. Our dentist may order X-rays as well. If our dentist finds any problems, he or she will discuss a plan of action with you.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Exams?

Almost all dental insurance policies cover exams and professional cleanings, since they are a preventative measure that can save you from having major dental problems in the future.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

What Will Happen If I Don’t Have Gingivitis Treated?

Untreated gingivitis may lead to more advanced stages of gum disease where your teeth become loose and begin to fall out.

What Is the Fee for Gingivitis Treatment?

Your fee for gingivitis treatment depends on the treatment that our dentist suggests for you.

Mouth Guards - Sports

Why Do Custom Sports Guards Offer Better Protection?

When you visit our dentist for a custom-made mouth guard for contact sports, you get a guard made from superior materials that will fit you perfectly. Additionally, you will find it easier to breathe with a custom-made sports guard.

How Much Are Custom Sports Guards?

Call our office to schedule an appointment. After an exam, our dentist can tell how much your custom sports guard will cost.

Night Guards

What Problems Does a Night Guard Fix?

Night guards are for people who grind their teeth at night. The night guard protects the teeth from grinding against each other and causing damage.

What Do Night Guards Cost?

Night guards from a dentist do cost more than the cheap ones found in a drugstore. The difference is in the custom fit that a dentist can offer. A poorly fitting night guard can damage your teeth or jaw.

How Should a Bruxism Night Guard Fit?

Night guards go over your top set of teeth, where they should stay, without moving, when you open your mouth. If you need a custom fit sleep guard, contact our office today for an appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a safe gas that dentists use to relax patients who have dental anxiety. Our dentist will administer the gas mixed with oxygen through a mask that fits over your nose.

How Much Will Nitrous Oxide Cost?

Please check with your dentist, some dentists bill for nitrous oxide by the hour, while others bill by the procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

How Often Will a Dentist Perform an Oral Cancer Screening?

Our dentist usually does a basic oral cancer screening as part of your routine exam. The screening is merely a visual inspection to look for white patches, lumps, or sores that won’t go away.

Is an Oral Cancer Screening Expensive?

Our dentist performs a basic screening while you are having your routine exam. If he or she wants to send a tissue sample to a pathology lab for a biopsy, our dentist will explain the cost at the time.


When Should I Get Dental Sealants?

Since dental sealants primarily protect the chewing surface of molars, you should bring your child in as soon as his or her permanent molars emerge. Additionally, adults can be good candidates for sealants if they have high risk factors for cavities.

What Is the Fee for a Dental Sealant Treatment?

The fee you pay for a dental sealant treatment for your child depends on how many teeth have the treatment and your child’s dental insurance coverage.

Sedation Dentistry

What Does Dental Sedation Mean?

When you are sedated for a dental procedure, you remain awake and responsive, but most patients don’t remember much of the procedure. It’s a surprise when our dentist announces that they are done.

Is Sedation Dentistry Expensive?

Your cost for sedation at our dental office depends on which type of sedation our dentist believes is right for you.

Can I Drive Home After Sedation Dentistry?

If no one is available to drive you home, ask for nitrous oxide as the effects wear off very quickly.

Dental X-rays

How Many X-rays Do Dentists Usually Take?

The number of X-rays our dentist takes of your teeth varies according to your oral health. If you are a new patient, our dentist will evaluate your oral health and set up n X-ray schedule according to your needs.

How Much are X-rays?

X-rays are usually part of the fee for your dental exam, but they may cost extra when taken as part of another procedure. Be sure to check with your insurance provider.

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