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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do you hesitate to smile anymore because of numerous dental problems? A full mouth reconstruction can restore your oral health, plus you are certain to smile more often. Our practice offers our services to individuals who have been in accidents as well.

What Is Included in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a customized treatment plan that includes the treatments and procedures required to restore your oral health and give you a smile that is aesthetically pleasing. After a diagnostic examination to understand the state of your dental health, our dentist will sit down with you and go over what is needed; everyone’s full mouth reconstruction treatment plan is unique.

What Will I Pay for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Since your treatment plan is unique, your full mouth reconstruction cost will be unique as well. Our dentist can give you a rough estimate of the total cost once your diagnostic procedures are done and you have made your restoration choices. We can help you understand what your dental insurance may cover and explain our financing programs as well. Call for your full mouth reconstruction consultation today.

What Is an In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment?

As the name suggests, an in-office, or chairside, treatment takes place at our dental office. Our patients discover that there is no other way to get teeth whiter in such a short time. Since our dentists use a professional-grade whitening solution, he or she will protect your gums. You will wear a cheek retractor during the treatment to ensure that all your teeth are whitened, even the ones that people only see when you laugh heartily.

How Much Does Chairside Teeth Whitening Cost?

Your teeth whitening cost will depend on the severity of the staining on your teeth and how difficult it will be to match the color of your existing restorations. Professional whitening does not affect the color of restorations you may have, such as veneers or crowns. Call us to schedule an appointment and our dentist can provide you with an estimate of your total cost after an exam.

How Do Take-home Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

At-home teeth whitening kits are an alternative to in-office whitening, or they can be used to enhance chairside whitening results. Our dentist will create the kit with a special mixture of professional whitening gel and custom trays. Be sure to read the full instructions. You will also receive a custom tray, which will protect your gums. You will see noticeable results in about two weeks. Call today to arrange your appointment.

Dental Veneers

If you have been looking for a cosmetic procedure that offers a dramatic improvement quickly, ask us about dental veneers.

Why Should I Consider Cosmetic Veneers?

If you have a chipped, discolored or worn down tooth that you feel people notice every time you open your mouth, cosmetic veneers are an affordable fix that might be right for you. A veneer hides imperfections as an alternative to orthodontic work or getting a crown.

What Do Cosmetic Veneers Cost in Waterside?

Your cost for cosmetic veneers depends on whether you choose composite or porcelain veneers and how many veneers you need. You would need to come in for an examination before our dentist can give you an estimate. Some veneer placements are more complex as well, which affects the cost. Call us today to arrange an examination and discover how our affordable veneers can dramatically improve your smile.

How Does a Dentist Apply Porcelain Veneers?

A porcelain veneer is a very thin, custom piece of ceramic that looks just like your other teeth. Our dentist will have to shave a very small bit of enamel off the front of your tooth, so the veneer does not stick out. Our dentist takes an impression for the dental lab that will make your veneer, and during your subsequent visit, he or she will cement the veneer to your tooth and you are ready to go.

How Much Will Porcelain Veneers Cost?

Your cost for porcelain veneers depends on the number of veneers that you need and the degree of difficulty in placing the veneers. While porcelain veneers cost more than composite veneers, their semi-transparent appearance mimics the look of your natural teeth. Talk to our dentist about how long porcelain veneers will last, they may be a better value in the end. Call us if you would like to have a consultation with our cosmetic dentist.

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