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Dental Crowns

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How Does a Tooth Crown Work?

Teeth with large fractures or cavities need a tooth crown so the tooth does not sustain more damage. The crown covers the front, sides, and back of the tooth, which is why crowns are called tooth caps. Our dentist will prepare the tooth and have a crown tailor-made for you; no one will notice the crown because its shape and color match the surrounding teeth.

What Will My Dental Crown Cost?

You would need to call us to schedule a consultation before our dentist can give you an estimate of the cost for your crown. The price depends on the crown material that you select and your dental insurance coverage. Many dental insurance plans cover crowns, since the tooth needs the crown’s strength to function properly.

Dental Bridges

What Are the Types of Dental Bridges?

There are traditional bridges that are held in by crowned teeth on either side, or cantilever bridges, which a dentist uses when there is a tooth on only one side of the bridge. There is also something called bonded bridges, which are supported by metal wings attached to adjacent teeth.

What Does a Traditional Fixed Bridge Cost?

We base our prices for a dental bridge on the type of bridge, the material used and the number of artificial teeth the bridge contains. Call our office to schedule your initial appointment and our dentist can give you an estimate of your total cost.


Where Can I Get Dentures Near Me?

If you would like to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, we offer affordable denture options to meet your unique needs. Call our office to schedule your consultation to learn more about your smile restoration options.

What Do Dentures Cost?

The cost of a denture is a concern for many people; we do offer payment options. Your cost will depend on the style of denture you choose and whether it is an upper or lower denture. Our dentist will provide you with an estimated cost for your new dentures during your initial appointment.

How Are Full Dentures Worn?

You can attach your dentures securely or ask about dental implants, which will allow you to snap your dentures on each morning. And snap them off at night.

What Is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture is a rigid or flexible frame with artificial teeth that correspond to teeth that you are missing. With a partial denture, you can keep your healthy teeth for as long as possible while enjoying the benefits of a full set of teeth.

What Is the Benefit of Getting Flippers?

Flippers are a convenient way to hide gaps in your mouth where teeth where our dentist had to extract teeth to prepare your mouth for your permanent restoration. Flippers are removable and comfortable to wear.

What Is the Immediate Denture Process?

Instead of having your teeth extracted for dentures and then waiting for the extraction site to heal before making an impression on your teeth, the process for immediate dentures is just the opposite. Our dentist takes the impression first, has your dentures made and then has you come back for the extractions and dental fitting on the same day. If you would like to see if you are a good candidate for immediate dentures, call our office to schedule a consultation.

Dental Fillings

How Long Should I Expect My Filling to Last?

Metal fillings are the most durable option. You can expect at metal filling to last from between 10 to 15 years.

What Will a Tooth Filling Cost?

The price you pay for a tooth filling depends on your choice of filling material and your dental insurance coverage. Our dentist can give you an estimate of the cost after examining your tooth.

What Do Composite Fillings Contain?

Composite tooth color comes from a mixture plastic and glass. It is safe to use to restore decayed teeth. If you would like a tooth-colored fill for your cavity, call us to schedule an appointment.


What Is a Tooth Onlay?

An onlay is similar to a large filling; except it is made in a dental lab and it can extend over the cusps of the tooth. Onlays are stronger than a traditional filling, so they will also last longer. If you have a large filling that has come loose, contact our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist to see if an onlay is right for you.

What Do Onlays Usually Cost?

Expect your onlay to cost a little more than a traditional filling because it is tailor-made for you in a dental lab. Our dentist can give you an estimate of your total cost for a dental onlay once he or she has evaluated your tooth.

What Does an Overlay Do?

An overlay, which is also made in a dental lab, provides more extensive coverage than an onlay, which makes it ideal for restorations.

What Will I Pay for an Overlay?

Give our office a call to find out the price for a dental overlay. Many variables go into the cost of an overlay, including the overlay material and how difficult the overlay is to place.

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